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Floor Machine Pads

floor machine pads

  • (pad) a number of sheets of paper fastened together along one edge

  • Travel along (a road or route) on foot

  • (pad) embroider: add details to

  • (pad) slog: walk heavily and firmly, as when weary, or through mud; "Mules plodded in a circle around a grindstone"

  • Walk with steady steps making a soft dull sound

Goodbye, Shiv.

Goodbye, Shiv.

[17:28] Sarraah Huntress locks and loads her machine gun "What do you reckon, laughing boy?"

[17:28] Laurick Scarbridge glances over at Sarraah, and raises his rifle up to tap it on the side of his head with a shrug, "I don't reckon much, I don't think. You're the commander between the two of us."

[17:29] Sarraah Huntress shrugs a little as that and moves on "Fair enough. Let's go see who these muppets are. Not much else going on, eh?"

[17:30] Laurick Scarbridge stopped just outside of the range. He still held the rifle up, and glanced around the setting curiously. He was on a lower standard of alert than it seemed the other soldier was. His gaze eventually moved toward the two that were standing in front of him. He quirked a brow as he looked at Aylin, then tilted his head from side to side.

[17:32] Sarraah Huntress was still a bit upset form yesterday, after all, they had been attacked and she hadn't even fired a shot. What a waste of her talents. She too tiltedher head as she tried working out who they might be, dressed in such a way.

[17:33] Aylin Daviau nodded...then offered a smile "Nein, it is fine...I will however be needing to tend to your injury a little later" she said, half about to turn she then sighed....must be her lucky day afterall "Greetings, how may we assist you this evening" she said, polite as always unless she was blowing parts of your body off.

[17:34] Ravina Fitzcarraldo decded to come out and try and talk to 'Carol' one more time. First thing sh notices is Laurick. "You again?"

[17:35] Serenity looks up when she sees the UAC and she frowns under the mask... Fuck. She would look to Aylin and then back to them but she forces herself to reman calm. She looks between the UAC solders, then back to Aylin once more and she waits for them to speak, seeing as Aylin had it covered... And for some reason, Serenity was never good with words

[17:36] Laurick Scarbridge tapped the rifle on the side of his head all the same. When Ravina spoke, he turned his head and winked at the woman through the crimson locks of hair. He turned away from her and walked toward Serenity and Aylin with a quirked brow, "Injury, hm? Might I ask how you incurred your injury, and might I see it? I'm rather curious, since there was an armed resistance here last evening, and they were quite .. violent. There were also a few of them shot. So, if you don't mind? Hm?"

[17:36] Sarraah Huntress decided to walk forwards towards the pair, and asked "I don't know, what can you help us with?" After getting a bit closer, pretty much draw to Aylin because of the white suit..purdy... "I know you, don't I. Yeah, the woman we helped treat on the barricade?"

[17:38] Aylin Daviau's smile grew, she nodded a little then "Of course, though she has been treated to" she said then canted her head to the side "Perhaps, my memory is not so good, if so perhaps a thankyou is in order" she appeared to be calm, she was mostly, unsure of exactly how this would play out though shed take it as it came.

[17:39] Ravina Fitzcarraldo casts her eyes from one to another and frowns as she looks intently at the onecalled 'Carol'.

[17:40] Serenity watches them get a bit closer and then she'd shake her head. Her hand would shoot towards aylin and she'd move to try and yank the woman towarsd her. If she succeeds then she would bring her hand up to try and grip Aylin's neck and she would move to hold her infrotn of her, hopefully using her as a little human shield. IF she had succeeded she would starts to back up a bit... Praying that this wouldn't get her in the dog house later...

[17:44] Aylin Daviau just blinks because she had no idea what the hell serenity was doing...however shed certainly be paying for it later too, she moved her own hand as she felt the grip on her neck...trying to take hold of serenities, if she managed this shed yank back on a finger, with every intent on breaking it...she knew the girl was mentaly unstable, but this, this was pissing her right the fuck off.

[17:45] Sarraah Huntress lifted her machine gun quickly and took a step tot he side into a ready stance, flashing her view to Laurick quickl to make sure he was doing the same as she called out "What the fuck is this?" Her barrel was aimed firmly at the pair who were really just a single unit now

[17:46] Laurick Scarbridge blinked as the whole situation unfolded. The red headed soldier tapped the rifle on the side of his head as he glanced over at the higher ranking officer, "So, it seems that she didn't have a problem with her until after we arrived. So, think we're on to something?" He was already in a prime position to take fire if he had to, as they were all in the open anyhow.

[17:48] Ravina Fitzcarraldo sighs as she shakes her head. "Great, ain't gonna get no damn business agin tanight!"

[17:49] Cam Scorf

My Desk

My Desk

This is my desk. I love this desk! I have had it now for almost a month. Today I just purchased two 22" widescreen ViewSonic LCD monitors and they are awesome. I was looking for an LCD TV for my desk to go with my 20" LCD I already had but couldn't find one that had a good picture with Analog cable close up. I had the idea of getting a second monitor and a TV Tuner card for my computer. Well, couldn't find the same monitor I already had to get a second one. What is the alternative? Buy two new monitors that are alike. The TV Tuner card I got is awesome and the picture is great! Having two monitors and running them side-by-side is really, really nice. I'm sure after 1 week of this I will not be able to ever go without side-by-side monitors. I am very happy that I was able to color manage both using my SpyderPro2 calibrator and both of them look identical in every way. I'm very happy...

Comments are appreciated...

Camera: Canon EOS 20D
Lens: Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM
Lighting: Tungsten lighting from overhead ceiling light and floor lamp

floor machine pads

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